Website Design for Fredericton Professional Association

Nurses Association of
New Brunswick

Website Design

Website Design for Fredericton Professional Association

The NANB is a professional regulatory organization that exists to protect the public and to support nurses by promoting and maintaining standards for nursing education and practice, and by promoting healthy public policy. The website redesign had a three primary goals: to provide users with a mobile friendly version of the website, improve the overall site user-experience and navigation, and to create a proper home for several features that had been hastily added to the website in the past couple of years.

Royama Design overhauled the site’s extensive navigation, making critical content easier and faster to locate, and implemented a responsive web design to ensure the same ease-of-use on tablets and smart phones. We also redesigned and improved the many interactive features of the website including a searchable resource library, webinar and e-learning media for members, virtual discussion forums and a robust site search. The end result provides NANB with a fast and efficient administration experience and allows their users to quickly navigate the large site.

“An idea + creative genius = Sam Royama. I recommend Sam to everyone I know because he has an ability to translate what a customer needs into a beautiful piece of art. I rely on Sam to make my organization look good, and for that, I hope he never leaves the business.”

Jennifer Whitehead, Manager of Communications and Government Relations, NANB